Friday, December 2, 2011

Three sets, not for time, of:
Muscle-Ups x 4-5/1-2 reps
Double-Unders x 30-40 reps
Handstand Push-Ups x 8-10/4-6 reps

Eight sets of:
Snatch Balance x 1 rep
Rest as needed.

For time:
50/30 Handstand Push-Ups . . . with a catch.
Every time you come off the wall you must run 100 meters @ 80-85% effort before resuming with handstand push-ups.
A. Muscle-ups 3-3-3; DU’s 30-30-30; HSPU’s 3-2-2
B. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 (F), 175(F), 170 (F), 155 (did not want to end on failure)
C. 16:42 scaled to HSPU to 1 abmat
Scaled the reps on part ‘A’ a bit to fit where I am at. Muscle-ups are little weak compared to where they were a year to 6 months ago. Just geting my HSPUs back on track too. Regressed on them quite a bit to the point to where I could only get 2 at a time about 6 weeks ago, but have been focusing on them a bit in ‘grease the groove’ fashion since. Now I can do 9 HSPU totally fresh, but I fall off pretty quickly after. I need to build on the ability to do them in large amounts/volume.
165 matches my best snatch balance. Need to work on speed, timing and confidence with this lift. Should be able do more.
Went for all 50 reps w/1 abmat vs. scaling amount. Went 9 first round…4,4,4 for awhile then 3,3,3 at about 23 reps and 2,2,2 from 40 on. Needless to say, I ran a lot!

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