Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workout of the Day

A. In 12-15 minutes, build to a heavy Jerk from Behind the Neck(rack the barbell on your traps, elbows under the bar, chest up on the dip, and jerk)

B. Three sets of:
Strict Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 10 seconds
Kipping Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 3 minutes

Perform at Games Standards – abmat sandwiched between two 2″ plates, hands within boundaries of plates.
Note scores for each movement, each round – e.g., 21/14; 17/14; 15/15.

C. Six sets for times:
Sprint 50 Meters Out and Back
12 Burpees
Sprint 50 Meters Out and Back
Rest 2 minutes
(NO PACING!!! Go all out every set – we need to gauge ability to recover and repeat efforts.)

A. 210 lbs.
B. 5/1, 5/1, 5/0
C. 1:24, 1:26, 1:27, 1:28, 1:31, 1:31

Warmed up kind of slowly today working out in my unheated garage where it was about 32-35 degrees at best. So I ended up doing jerks for a little longer than 15 minutes. I emphasized technique vs. big weight. I felt pretty good on the last couple of reps.

Doing the strict and kipping HSPUs with the abmat + plates is always challenging for me. I kept tipping over on the kipping HSPUs. My HSPUs were not great today, but still much better than a few weeks ago.

Re: sprints + burpeesDamn! Am I just a super slow old man or what? About 7-9 inches of fresh snow outside, but I was able to get into the local elementary school that was closed due to the snow (my wife is a teacher there) and ran the sprints in a long hallway (hallways are made for running!). Did a 50m shuttle run (50m out and 50m back), 12 burpees and then a 50m shuttle run each time. Might have been a little slow on the burpees because I was not throwing myself down with the same level of total abandon that I would on a soft rubber mat floor.

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