Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb. 1st, 2012

Workout of the Day

A.  Three sets, not for time, of:
Handstand Walk x 10-15 meters
15′ Rope Climb x 2 ascents
Skin the Cats x 4-6 reps

B.  Split Jerk
Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy single.

C.  Five rounds for time of:
155/105 lb Hang Power Clean x 6 reps
Handstand Push-Ups x 12 reps
Double-Unders x 50 reps

Pretty much a day of goats except for the rope climbs and skin the cats (a terrific warm-up for the shoulders).

A. HS walks: 10-15 meters (Broken. But had a couple of under control 5-7 foot walking stints.  Progress!)
Rope climbs: 2 x 3
Skin the cat: 6 x 3

B. Split Jerk: worked up to 205 and then failed twice at 225.
Jerks are giving me trouble lately.  My timing is off and I am not dropping enough.

C. 23:57 (scaled to 8 HSPUs a round)
Hang power lifts, HSPUs and double-unders are all goats, so I knew Part C. would take some time. 12 HSPUs a round & 60 total HSPUs would take away any intensity on this WOD for me, so I  scaled it to 8 HSPUs a round. Tried to get the HPCs unbroken (or at least without letting go of the bar), do short quick sets on the HSPUs and split up the double under into 2-3 big sets.  Got all but one round of HPCs without letting go and got some big unbroken runs on the double-unders (40 reps unbroken on round 5), but the HSPUs took forever and I was down to singles on round 4 & 5. Slow time, but lots of progress made on double-unders.

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