Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th, 2012

Workout of the Day

A.  In six sets or fewer, build to a 1-RM Back Squat
* Set 1 – 50% of possible 1-RM x 5 reps
* Set 2 – 75% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps
* Set 3 – 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 4 – 90-95% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 5 – Test 1-RM
* Set 6 (optional) – Exceed Set 5 weight
Rest as needed, but at least 3 minutes between sets of singles. Leave the weights on the bar when you finish, you’ll come back to this.

B.  In six sets or fewer, build to a 1-RM Weighted Pull-Up
Weighted Pull-Ups

C.  Back Squat x Max reps @ 85% of today’s 1-RM
* Load your bar with 85% of today’s 1-RM back squat weight and perform as many reps as possible.

D.  Five sets for max reps of:
Strict Handstand Push-Ups x Max reps @ 1010
(if you break tempo, you terminate the set – no resting at either the top or bottom)
Rest exactly 60 seconds
Perform these per Games standards – abmat sandwiched between two plates – the abmat should be the same level as the plates.

A. 380 lbs.
5 lb. PR. I was hoping for more, but I was not feeling strong on these today
B. Strict pullup w/119 lbs. (14 lb. PR)
C. 5 reps w/325 lbs. (85% of 380)
D. 5/4/4/3/2

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