Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6th, 2013


1. Not for time:
3 reps of slow, good form Front Squats / Back Squats * until you can’t increase weight without sacrificing form
3 HSPUs with a 5 second pause at the top (x 5-6 sets for the HSPUs, leave them out after that)

* Start with front squats and go up in weight each round.  When you cannot go up in weight, start the next round with the same weight but do 3 back squats.  Go up in weight until you cannot go up another weight.
* 5-6 rounds of ring rows

2. 9-6-3-9-6-3 Ring Rows (unbroken) with 1 minute rest between rounds

3. 3 x 10 Back Extensions 

1. Worked up to 235# x 3 front squats and 295# x 3 back squats (compared to 195 x 5 and 265 x 5 last Friday, August 30th)

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