Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14th, 2012

Workout of the Day
Run 400 Meters @ 75%
Rest 2 minutes
Run 400 Meters @ 80%
Rest 3 minutes
Run 400 Meters @ 85%
For time:
Run 1600 Meters
. . .
rest EXACTLY 60 seconds, and then:
60 seconds of Burpees for Max Reps
Please note two scores:
Run = [time to complete 1600 Meter Run] Burpees = [# of burpees performed in 60 seconds]
A. Complete. I did not time these runs. I just went for perceived effort percentage based on feel.
B. 6:34, 21 burpees (little slow on these today)
I think my prior best time was around 7 minutes, so a pretty good PR today. Percentage runs prior to the mile definitely helped. It was about 30 degrees and windy. Ran with the wind (20 mph+ maybe?) on one straight away and head first into it on the other side of the track. Good times! We finished up right before it started to sleet/snow. Yay!

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