Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th, 2012


A. Skill warm-up (not for time), 3 rounds of:
Handstand walk practice
30 Double-unders
4 pistols (each leg)

B. 12-15 minutes to work up to 1-RM chest to bar pull-up

C. For time, 3 rounds of:
9 unbroken HSPUs
6 unbroken HSPUs
3 unbroken HSPUs

If you come off the wall/drop before reaching goal, start that set of unbroken HSPUs over

D. For time:
2000 m row
150 double-unders

A. Handstand walk practice 
3 x 30 Double-unders unbroken each rounds
4 pistols (each leg) x 3 rounds

B. 70 lbs. w/supinated grip

C. 20:37
Completed first round Rx'd (yay!) and then scaled down to 7-5-3 and still had a lot of trouble on the 5's
My kipping HSPUs SUCK!

D. 12:37 
Went too fast on the row (7:16?) and then had trouble getting the double-unders fatigued.  Good workout!

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