Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6th, 2012

Workout of the Day

A.  Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes:
315/225 lb Deadlift x 5 reps

B.  Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes:
225/155 lb Clean x 3 reps

C.  Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes:
135/85 lb Snatch x 3 reps

D.  Every TWO minutes, for a total of 3 sets, complete:
400 Meter Run
For each segment of A-D:
  • Move immediately to the next task after each 6 minute period.
  • Note time to complete the task at every interval.
  • If you fail to complete the task within the allotted period, finish the assigned number of reps and rest the remainder of the period in which you ran into.
  • And of course, scale as necessary.

All weights as Rx’d, but rowed 500m vs. running 400 for part D
A. Deadlifts 14-15 seconds, unbroken
B. Cleans 10-11 seconds, fast singles
C. Snatches 8-9 seconds, unbroken
D. Rowed 500m: 1:40/1:48/1:40

Cleans and snatches were power vs. full/squat. I was a little worried about the 225# cleans, but despite a really early arm pull today and some semi-ugly tech, the bar flew up quick and pretty easy. Deadlift felt heavy at first, but got easier. There may have been a 1-2 13 second rounds in there, but not sure. 

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