Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th, 2012

Workout of the Day

A.  Three sets, not for time, of:
Muscle-Ups x 3-8 reps
Toes to Bar x 10-12 reps
Handstand Push-Ups x 8-12 reps

B.  Take 10-15 minutes to build to a heavy Snatch
(let your body guide the loading – if you feel quick and efficient, work heavy)

C.  Take 10-15 minutes to build to a heavy Clean and Jerk
(as with snatch, let barbell speed and “feel” dictate the loads)

D.  Four sets of:
Back Squat
Set 1 – x 4 reps @ 70%
Set 2 – x 4 reps @ 75%
Set 3 – x 4 reps @ 80%
Set 4 – x 4 reps @ 85%

A. Muscle-Ups: 5 singles x 3
T2Bs: 12 reps x 3
HSPUs: 4 strict/4 kipping x 2, 5 strict/5 kipping x 1 round
I decided to practice my kipping HSPUs a little today.   I almost always do strict.

B. Worked up to 155#s. Had trouble getting under the bar today. I failed twice at this weight before getting it.

C. Worked up to 205#s. Same story as above. No pop.

D. Complete based on 375# 1-RM
Squats felt heavy today.

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