Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sept. 29th, 2012 - Diamond of the Tough

Last weekend I took part in my 3rd CrossFit competition, not counting the 2010 & 2011 CrossFit Open.  It was called the ‘Diamond of the Tough’.  It was a lot of fun during and after, but not so much fun right before.  As much as I enjoy competing in CrossFit competitions and workout with that as one of my primary goals, I get really nervous and anxious as I come closer and closer to an event.  I was wicked nervous before this one, as my wife Kandi can tell you.  But once they called my heat out and I was walking out to my position to start the first WOD, I instantly felt better and focused.  Kandi took a picture of me chatting with my judge right before the WOD started and it surprised me how happy I looked right then.  Like any WOD that I have stressed out over ahead of time, it felt really good to stop thinking and just starting doing!

Overall I had a great time and was very glad that I went and competed once again.  Like every CrossFit competition I have been to, it was a well-run event and a lot of fun.  CrossFit is the only sport that I have been involved in where 30 seconds before game time it is more than likely that the guys you will be competing with any second will turn to you and wish you good luck.  Honestly, that does not really happen very often anywhere else.

I also got to meet a couple CrossFit celebs, including one of my CrossFit heroes idols, Freddy Camacho.

Freddy is just as happy in person as he appears to be in every photo I have ever seen of him.  He is a very nice guy too!

Katie Hogan in the background

1. Bear, 5 rounds (Clean, front squat, STO, back squat, STO) without letting go of the bar and only a touch and go on the ground at the end of each round.  8 minutes to complete and then as many deadlift reps as possible with the same weight.

2. 5-10-15 yard shuttle run

3. Standing broad jump

4. 3 rounds for time:
- 24 Double-unders
- 12 OHS w/95#s
- 6 C2B pull-ups

1. 175 lbs. + 18 deadlifts. 
Tried to reset my grip in the hang and lost my balance and dropped the bar.
2. 14.34 seconds
3. 92 inches
4. 3:52 

Overall, I finished 9th out of 20 in may age group (40-44) after finishing 6th in the on-line competition.  Luckily for me, the scoring was weighted for the shuttle run and the broad jump.  Those events were not weighted very heavily (10% each) and the genetic lack of speed and broad jump ability were not held against me compared the weighting for the scores of the the first and last event (40% each).

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