Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15th, 2013


1.  Metcon
"Open 13.4"
Clean and Jerk, 135/95 – Scaled  big time today, see below

2.  Clean Complex
3 sets of: High Hang Squat + Hang Squat + Low Hang Squat + Split Jerk -  stay on the lighter side.
High Hang - Pockets.
Hang - Mid thigh.
Low Hang - below knees but off the floor.

3.  Strength

3x5 Push Press, climbing – subbed today, see below

1. round 4 + 10 Clean and jerks
Scaled to 85#s due to shoulder.  Went really light due to last weeks shoulder injury.  Feeling much better each day, but still slow going.

2. 70 reps (round of 12 + 10 Clean and Jerks)
Scaled to 85#s due to my shoulder injury.  It is getting better a bit each day, but still feels like slow going.

3. 3x5 dips and 3x5 ring rows.  Subbed due shoulder.

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