Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9th, 2013


1.  Metcon (Mr. Perfect) of: Parallette HSPU - head to the ground is RX. of:  Power Clean, 225/155 

2.  Skills
Odd:  4-10 Pistols
Even:  6-12 TTB

1. 16:53
Scaled to standard HSPUs and 205 lb. PCs.  HSPUs and power cleans felt a little better today.  I was pulling early towards the start of this metcon, but was able to fix that a couple rounds in.

2. Started with 10 alternating pistols (5 each leg)/12 T2Bs and that lasted the first 4 rounds.  Then 8 pistols/8-9 T2Bs the last two rounds.  My T2B form started to break after 7-8 reps, so I stopped there each round vs. practicing crappy form.  Pistols just harder.  Both felt really good the first 3 rounds.

***Note: realized later that I injured my shoulder today***

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