Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th, 2013


1.    Metcon
2K Row for time

2.  Squat Snatch
3x1 at 90%
3x2 at 70%

3.  Back Squat
5x5 across.

1. 6:55.3 (2 second PR)
2. Skipped - Did some snatch tech work just with the bar.
3. 275#s x 5 across

I tweaked my right shoulder during Friday's WOD during the last few rounds of heavy cleans, so I took Saturday (and Sunday) off. My shoulder is still a little sore and does not feel 100%, so I skipped the snatch work today. 

About an hour or two later, my shoulder is feeling pretty good. So maybe there is progress.

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