Friday, September 2, 2011


10 minute AMRAP
- 3 HSPU*
- 6 chest-2-bar pull-ups
- 9 squats

 *hands on 25# bumper plates and head to abmat stuck between plates

6 rounds + 1 HSPU

The HSPUs were rough today, not that I am usually strong on them but they were especially bad. C@B pull-ups were pretty easy with this rep scheme.  Got almost of all of them unbroken. Air squats were kind of a non-factor.  If I do this again I need to up the amount or change them to box jumps or something. Maybe they would be better balanced if I was better at HSPUs.

Kind of weird to do 2 back-to-back 10 min. AMRAPs.  The Weds. one was a main site WOD and today's was a 'weakness' WOD that Jeff Vale programmed for me.

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