Sunday, September 4, 2011


Worked on the power snatch for about 15-25 minutes, doing some doubles and working up to some heavy singles.  Hit a new PR of 195!!!  Then I did:

Girls, Girls, Girls (from WODfest in Seattle August 2011)
- 21 x 225# deadlitx
- 21 x CF games style push-ups
- 15 x 135# ground to overhead
- 9 x 95# thrusters
- 9 pull-ups

Time 5:03 (using one bar and switching out the plates during the WOD)

Did this with Ryan and we were neck in neck the whole way.  I was ahead at the end of the deadlifts, then he pulled ahead during the push-ups.  Then I pulled ahead again during the ground to overhead and keep ahead.  Ryan has come a long way on the deadlifts and the ground to overhead over the summer.  He was only 1-2 reps behind me on the deadlifts and neither of us every let go of the bar.

I should have hit some doubles or even triples on the ground to overhead.  I dropped every one :(
I need to constantly push that.  Grip was a little tired from the snatches, but that is just an excuse.

Very excited about the 195 Snatch, which is a 15# PR!!! 25#s away from a BW Snatch. Still a lot of improvement to be had on the olympic lifts (better 3rd pull, drop under the bar faster, etc) simply through better technique.

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