Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A. Three sets, not for time, of:
Unbroken Muscle-Ups x 2-6 reps
Unbroken Double-Unders x 30-50 reps
Quick and Smooth Burpees x 8-10 reps

B. For time:
Row 1000 Meters
10 Burpees
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Rest exactly 6 minutes, and then . . .

C. For time:
Row 750 Meters
15 Burpees
20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Rest exactly 6 minutes, and then . . .

D. For time:
Row 500 Meters
20 Burpees
25 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

A. Unbroken Muscle-Ups 1/1, 1/1/1, 1/1/1 (broken)
Double-Unders 20 (+30 broken), 24 (+26 broken), 36 unbroken
Quick and Smooth Burpees 10,10,8

B. 5:22
C. 5:11
D. 5:03

Still struggling a bit with muscle-ups & double-unders. Both felt a little better today. Enjoyed (in a CrossFit sort of way) the WOD. Rests and rep scheme made it possible to hit each round pretty hard. Much better on C2Bs than the last time we did them. Finally getting the kip down for these again. I got 5-6 unbroken each round to start off. Then I had to break them up in bunches of 2-3 reps and eventually went down to singles for the last 3-5 reps of each round.

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