Saturday, February 25, 2012


If only I could be as bad ass as these girls!


AMRAP in  7 minutes of:

My score was 95.  My goal originally was 90-100, so I feel pretty happy about this effort.  I decided in advance that I am not going to re-do any of the Open WODs unless there is some dramatic equipment failure.  I would not want to do this one again for a while anyway.  Yuck!!!

Big props to my wife Kandi who is competing for the first time this year and go 76 reps on this WOD!  Nice job babe!

Last year, there were 2 of the 3 WODs (3 really, counting the burpee/OHS/muscle-up WOD) that did not fall in my wheelhouse.  I did not feel good about my score on any of them.  I went too fast out of the gate on 2 of them and maybe had unrealistic goals on the 3rd.  My focus this year, in part, is on training myself to shoot for a realistic pace on WODs like this that do not play to my strengths and just not let any reps get away.  I feel like I did that today.

I am feeling so much better on many levels than I was last year.  Following the Competitor's programming from CF Invictus and the mind of C.J. Martin has been a tremendous help.  

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