Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18th, 2012 - Ten Minute Capacity Test

Workout of the Day

A. Two sets for speed and efficiency:
3 Rope Climbs (15′ ascent)
Rest 90 seconds
10 Handstand Push-Ups
Rest 90 seconds

B.  “Ten-Minute Capacity Test”
For Max Reps:
4 Minutes of Rowing (for Calories)
Rest 60 seconds
3 Minutes of Pull-Ups
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Back Squat
(males = bodyweight; females = .75 x BW)
Rest 60 seconds
1 Minute of Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 lbs.)
Barbell starts from the rack for back squats; but starts from the floor on shoulder to overhead.
Please enter scores as follows:
Calories = XX
Pull-Ups = XX
Back Squat = XX @ — lbs
Total = XXX

Link to the last time I did Part B.
rope climbs 0:32, 0:28
HPSUs 0:57, 1:51
I am trying to focus more on perfecting my technique vs. speed at a cost as I shift into ‘off-season’ mode. 1st round was pretty quick (for me). 2nd round HSPUs 6-10 took forever (all singles)! Stuck with strict HSPUs as I feel that right now I really need to conquer those/build strength before I worry about kipping HSPUs.

B. STO @ 135#s vs. 95#
Row – 90 (82 in Dec 2011)
Pullups – 62 (53 in Dec 2011)
Squat – 20 @ 220# (19 @ 225 in Dec 2011)
STO – 17 (20 in Dec 2011)
Total = 189 (vs. 174 in Dec 2011)
I went hard on the row and it caught up with me a little on the squats and STO. I was not feeling 100% today and specifically pretty weak overhead, especially after the HSPUs, but I still felt that I sort of punked out a little on the STO @ 135#s. But trying to avoid the bruise I have on my collar bone from all the front squats, cleans and clean & jerks we have done lately really helps keep my elbows up in my rack position Description: ;)

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